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The CRM for Contact Center

FastHelp5 is a CRM system especially for Contact Center that can be used by customer service operations from all industries, and of all sizes.

  • Omni-channel customer experience
  • Maximize contact center performance
  • Satisfaction improvement
  • Customer loyalty improvement
  • Ability to carve out new potential sales
  • Allows for the integrated management of customer information and response histories

Why Contact Center Loves FastHelp5

Our own experienced staffs who have been originally designed the concept and developing. After implementation, we are offering seamless / continuous training and customer support.

  • Operability optimized to contact center operation
  • FastHelp5 has the talk script function
  • Flexibility in system integration
  • FastHelp5 has FastChat, the web chat
  • Concurrent user base fee
  • Ticket management

Benefits of Omnichannel Solution

  • Security Compliance (privilege, workflow)
  • Maximize employee productivity (single screen)
  • Improve data analytics across all channels
  • Flexibility in scaling and integration
  • Optimize services and CX
  • Get valuable customer insights
  • Support On-Premise/ Cloud platform
  • Data Centralization (single platform)
Customer DemandsOur Solutions
Support SNS as new channelWe can support all cases from any channel (OMNI channels Voice / email / SNS)
More efficient operationsWe can provide single screen for ticket creation for all channels. (Easy to learn and easy to input)

We can show all customer journey in the past, all channel messages at one single screen. (Easy to find)
Professional and consistent AnswerWe can provide FAQ and easy to nurture. Any level of agents can answer solid / same level with this FAQ.
Centralized customer dataAll information such as customer data, ticket details can be centralized. (Easy to manage)
Measurable for operation performanceWe have plenty of reports (more than 70 template reports) to comply customer’s KPI.


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